The Department of Psychiatry held its annual Graduation Banquet and Awards Ceremony on the evening of Friday, June 17th at The Historic Cahaba Pumping Station Museum in Birmingham with dinner catered by The Fish Market. The event was one of the most well-attended in recent memory, with more than 100 people participating in the evening’s festivities. Dr. Laura Montgomery-Barefield, the department’s Residency Training Director, hosted the presentation of awards, the recipients of which are listed below.

Graduating residents honored during the evening were: Drs. Aalok Chandora, Andrea Dickens, Erin Hanover, Katherine Pannel, Sonya Pritchard, and Janelle Sung.  Dr. Chandora will go to Emory University to complete a fellowship in Addiction. Dr. Dickens will be staying at UAB and joining the faculty of the Department of Psychiatry. Drs. Hanover, Pritchard, and Sung will be going into private practice. Dr. Pannel will be moving back to her home state of Mississippi to join a practice in Batesville. By many reports it was a spectacular event, and the department has already decided to return to this same venue for the 2012 Banquet. Special thanks goes to Drs. Laura Montgomery-Barefield and Wayne Barefield, and the staff of the departmental training office, for making this a special event.

Battle S. Searcy Memorial Award-Adam Larry Edwards, M.D.

Outstanding CBT Formulation-Dieter Bartschat, M.D.

Outstanding Psychodynamic Formulation-Janelle Sung, M.D.

PRITE Exam, Best Psychiatry Score-Arthur Hughes, M.D.

PRITE Exam, Best Neurology Score-Patrick Tapia, M.D.

PRITE Exam, Best PG Group-PG 1 Residents

Best Grand Rounds Award-Erin Hanover, M.D.

Consult Award-Nina Kraguljac, M.D.

ER Award-Abigail Nodler, M.D.

Rising Star Award-Noah Downie, M.D.

FCC Clinic, Outstanding Resident-Nathan Hansen, M.D.

FCC Patient Advocacy Award-Patrick Tapia, M.D.

Outstanding Community Psychiatry Resident-Reginald Francis, M.D.

VA Rotation, Most Outstanding Resident-Reginald Francis, M.D.

Resident Leadership Award-Roger Ridgeway, M.D.

Resident’s Awards

PGY I Class/Outstanding Attending-Rusheng Zhang, M.D.

PGY II Class/Outstanding Attending-Peter Lane, D.O.

PGY III Class/Outstanding Attending-Brandi Cooke, M.D.

PGY IV Class/Outstanding Attending-David Goldberg, M.D.

Research Poster Awards

Resident Poster Awards

1st Place-Roger Ridgeway, M.D.

2nd Place-Patrick Tapia, M.D.

3rd Place-Nathan Hansen, M.D.

Research Trainee Poster Awards

1st Place(Tie) Jana Drummond and Maria Dolores Rubio

2nd Place-John Hammond

3rd Place-Eleonore Beurel

Division Poster Awards

1st Place-Geriatric Division, Terri Steele, M.D.

2nd Place-Inpatient Division, Margaret Pate

3rd Place-Child/Adolescent Division, James Cullinan, D.O.