Left to Right: Dr. Bates Redwine, Dr. Cheryl McCullumsmith, and Dr. Rob McCullumsmith

Recently, the Department of Psychiatry began a process of reorganization to bring its clinical mission into better alignment with the UAB Health System.  Historically, the Department has had an Adult Psychiatry Division, defined by the age of patients rather than location or type of clinical services provided and included the 47 adult inpatient beds in the Center for Psychiatric Medicine and outpatient clinics for adult patients located both in the Center for Psychiatric Medicine and our Callahan Eye Foundation Outpatient Programs.

Effective July 1, the 47 inpatient beds have been absorbed into our Division of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry, which historically has covered our psychiatric services in the UAB Emergency Department as well as consultative services for patients in University Hospital and various non-psychiatric specialty programs across UAB. This consolidation of the department’s adult inpatient beds, emergency and consultative services will bring the department into far better alignment with the Health System/Hospitals, and will be designated as our new Hospital Division.  Dr. Cheryl McCullumsmith will serve as the director of this new division. The adult outpatient clinics will be consolidated into a new Adult Ambulatory Division, and will be under the leadership of Dr. Rob McCullumsmith.

In addition to these changes, with the recent departure of several senior geriatric psychiatrists, the department has begun a process of reorganizing services provided to the aged population that we serve.  These changes have necessitated a reduction in the number of inpatient beds specifically designated for geriatric psychiatric patients, but simultaneously the department has reopened its geriatric psychiatry fellowship training program and already has a fellow in training as of July 1. Dr. Bates Redwine has assumed the dual responsibility of the Director of the Division of Geriatric Psychiatry, as well as overseeing the recently reopened training program.

These are exciting times for the Department of Psychiatry as we plan for future growth, and these changes and recent leadership appointments herald our ongoing commitment to excellence.