McCullumsmith-CherylDr. Cheryl McCullumsmith, Director for the Division of Consult Liaison Psychiatry, has been featured frequently on local news broadcasts discussing coping strategies and normal behavior after the tragedy of the April tornadoes. On Monday, May 9th she was the featured doctor on “Ask the Doctor”-a weekly news segment of the Fox 6 mid-day news. Dr. McCullumsmith answered questions from callers on when to seek mental health care after a stressful situation like the one caused by the tornadoes in April. Through her role as Director of Psychiatric Emergency Services at UAB, Dr. McCullumsmith played a pivotal role in the UAB Emergency Room hours after the tornadoes hit our area.

She and her staff worked diligently to treat any existing psychiatric patients in the ER as quickly as possible in order to make room for trauma victims. Dr. McCullumsmith also made sure that all tornado victims admitted to the hospital were given counseling services if they desired. In the days and weeks after the storms, she connected with FEMA and the Red Cross to coordinate with counseling services in the devastated areas. In the coming months, Dr. McCullumsmith will be studying Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after the April Tornadoes at three UAB clinic sites. Please join us in thanking Dr. Cheryl McCullumsmith for her dedicated work to take care of our community members after the tragic tornadoes on April 27th.