Engel-School-Staff-ed-401x200On April 30th, 2010 the Association for Child Psychoanalysis (ACP), Inc. recognized the Engel Therapeutic School, a segment of the UAB Department of Psychiatry, with the 2010 Award for Excellence.  Special recognition was given to the UAB Engel Therapeutic Preschool as an early intervention program.

The ACP is a national organization of child psychoanalysts. At its annual meeting each year, the organization recognizes a program committed to analytic developmental principles applied in a community setting.  The Engel Therapeutic School was recognized for the unique service it provides integrating the educational and therapeutic needs of children and adolescents from the preschool level through high school.  Students at the school come from across Jefferson and Shelby Counties, and represent a full spectrum of diversity reflected in these areas.  A requirement for this recognition is that a child psychoanalyst be involved in the program’s implementation.  Both Dr. Sam Rubin and Dr. Lee Ascherman are child psychoanalysts in consultative roles with the Engel School classrooms.  They, along with Dr. Vinita Yallamanchilli, are available to the dedicated teachers of this school to think about the unique developmental challenges these students face, and how best to help them advance in their education and treatment.