Title: Assistant Professor

Specialization: Psychologist – adult depression

Academic Appointments with UAB:

  • Primary: Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurobiology, UAB


  • Undergraduate: Temple University

  • Graduate School: Duke University

  • Internship: Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic

  • Postdoctoral Fellow:  Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic   

Licensure: Alabama (In progress)

Patient Populations: Adult depression

Clinical Interests: Depression and Early Life Trauma
Dr. Grant’s clinical specialization is adult patients with major depression.

Research Interests: Mood Disorders
Dr. Grant’s research is on causal and maintenance factors underlying depression. Work in my lab employs a translational approach to evaluate the relationship between stress (via sensitization mediated changes in pathways that underlie the stress response) and depression using multiple methods including, voxel-based morphometry, functional magnetic resonance imagery (fMRI), measures of peripheral physiology (e.g., skin conductance response), endocrine function, cognition and emotion.

 People In The Lab:

  • TBN

 Funded Research:

  • 07/05-07/10. Principal Investigator. MRI studies of cognitive control and stress in MDD (K01). Funded by: National Institute of Mental Health.
  • 08/09-07/10. Principal Investigator. Vanderbilt University Medical Center Equipment Funding Grant. Funded by: Clinical Research Center/Clinical Translational Science Award.
  • 09/01-09/03. Principal Investigator. Modification and upgrade of an MRI/MRS facility: A shared instrumentation grant for hardware and software.  Funded by: University of Nebraska Biomedical Research Enhancement Fund. 

 Selected Publications:

  1. Grant M.M., Cannistraci C., Hollon S.D., Gore J., Shelton R. Childhood trauma history differentiates amygdala response to sad faces within MDD. J Psychiatry Res 45:886-895, 2011.
  2. Treadway M., Grant M.M., Ding Z., Hollon S.D., Gore J., & Shelton R.C.  Early adverse events, HPA activity and anterior cingulate volume in MDD. PLoS ONE, 4:e4887, 2009. doi:10371.
  3. Grant M.M., Stringer E., Treadway M.,  Hollon S., Gore J. & Shelton R. Self-regulation of emotion: Modulation via coordinated dorso-rostral cingulate activity in MDD.  Neuropsychopharmacology, 31:S198-S263, 2006.
  4. Riso L.P., du Toit P.L., Dacey S., Blandino J., Pena S., Duin J., Grant M.M. & Ulmer, C. Cognitive aspects of chronic depression. J Abnorm Psychol, 112:72-80, 2003.
  5. Grant M.M., Thase M.E. & Sweeney J.A. Cognitive disturbance in outpatient depressed younger adults: Evidence of modest impairment. Biol Psychiatry, 50:35-43, 2001.