The UAB Department of Psychiatry held its Sixth Annual Research Symposium on April 24, 2012. The event included 51 posters presented in the categories of Clinical Division, Faculty/Staff, Psychiatry Resident and Research Trainee followed by three oral presentations.

Two Department of Psychiatry faculty members presented: Dr. Richard C. Shelton, Adiposity, Inflammation and Depression and Dr. Merida Grant, Autonomic and Neural Circuit Phenotypes Distinctions within Depression. In addition, Dr. Lori L. McMahon, Professor, UAB Department of Developmental and Integrative Biology, delivered a presentation onEstrogen, Depression, and Hippocampal Function.

 The symposium concluded with an awards ceremony hosted by Dr. Adrienne Lahti, Professor of Psychiatry and Director for the Division of Behavioral Neurobiology. The recipients of the poster awards are listed below by category. In addition, a few pictures from the symposium follow the awards listing.

Clinical Division Poster Award
1st Place – Outpatient Psychiatry, presented by Rachel Fargason, M.D.
Psychiatry Resident Poster Awards
1st Place (tie) – Li Li, M.D., and Nina Kraguljac, M.D. 
2nd Place – Nina Kraguljac, M.D.
Research Trainee Poster Awards and Honorable Mention
1st Place – Rebecca Simmons
2nd Place – Matthew E. Glover
3rd Place – Jana Drummond
4th Place Honorable Mention – Muriah Wheelock
5th Place Honorable Mention – Jennifer Hadley

UAB Department of Psychiatry's Sixth Annual Research Symposium
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