Feldman-JacquelineJacqueline Feldman, M.D., Patrick H. Linton Professor and Division Director of Public Psychiatry at UAB, co-edited a comprehensive reference text with Drs. Hunter McQuistion, Wes Sowers, and Jules Ranz. The book is titled Handbook of Community Psychiatry and was just published by Springer Publishers. It presents the organizational structure for community psychiatry and reflects the rapid changes in this field, providing basic and specialized information in areas such as epidemiology, recovery, person-centered planning and care, innovations in practice, and treatment of special populations. Dr. Feldman also authored several chapters of the book. Available formats are Hardcover, ISBN 978-1-4614-3148-0 and eBook, ISBN 978-1-4614-3149-7.

Robert Savage, M.D. , Professor and Clinical Director of the Division of Public Psychiatry andPatricia Cornett, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Department of Psychiatry, co-authored one of the book chapters entitled Program Evaluation and Quality Management, and William Ryan, M.D., Clinical Associate Professor Department of Psychiatry, co-authored a chapter entitled Veterans and War.