Welcome to the family component of the Addiction Recovery Program (ARP).  The mission of our family program is to provide patients and families with education and support on the disease of addiction, and the impact on the family.  We know addiction impacts everyone physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Our program is designed to assess your family’s needs, educate you about chemical dependence, and provide you with guidance during the treatment process and beyond.  We provide a compassionate and confidential setting for your recovery through this difficult time.

We view family involvement as an essential component of our patient’s recovery process.  Your family member will be assigned both a primary counselor and a family counselor.  The family counselor will be your primary guide through this journey.

Our family therapy program consists of phone consultations, family sessions, and a three day workshop. Family participants are given tools to improve communication, set boundaries, identify relapse warning signs, and discuss aftercare plans.  ARP family workshops are held twice a month, Monday – Wednesday consecutively, 9:00 – 3:00.  The family therapists will assist you in scheduling this workshop.