To provide both didactic and experiential exercises in identification, verbalization and positive resolution of grief/loss experiences in the life cycle.

Clients are provided with a milieu of interactive exercises using selected forms of media designed to elicit the expression of thoughts, feelings and emotions related to past, present, perceived or expected grief/loss.

Types of exercises used include, but are not limited to, the use of color in grief.  Picture identification and the use of storytelling.  Word association and the verbalization of the emotional response to grief and loss.  Guided Imagery Mediation as a form of healing hurt, pain, guilt, shame and remorse associated grief and loss.

Types of losses addressed vary depending on the client.  While death, divorce and major life cycle changes are the most prevalent, grief and loss are specific to the individual.

The grief tract is a four to six week, closed group module.  Each session builds on the previous session and clients are asked to make a personal commitment, and are expected, to attend all sessions for maximum benefit.  Each session is approximately 2 to 2 1/2 hours depending on clients need to take breaks.

Group Size:
Ideal group size for grief/loss work is six to eight clients. Clients are encouraged to share their story with each other as a manner of therapeutic healing.  Clients are encouraged to support each other in their work.

Group confidentiality is strictly enforced.  Clients need to feels safe in their expression of feelings associated with loss.  Violation of group confidentiality is grounds for dismissal from the group.