The Addiction Recovery Programs is a state of the art treatment center that specializes in the treatment of healthcare professionals.  Each year physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, veterinarians, and others in healthcare seek treatment here for their addictive disease.  We are one of two recognized providers in the state of Alabama that can provide treatment and resources for healthcare professionals.   At ARP our treatment community is small, individualized, and personal.  You will address the vulnerabilities HCP have to addictive disease and strategies to handle it in a confidential healthcare professionals group.  Shame, stress, and the triggers associated with going back to work can be overwhelming.  Our healthcare professional program will help to prepare you for returning to work in a safe, healthy, and professional manner.

Healthcare professionals, like any other patients, enter treatment with valid concerns and questions.  Here are a few you might have:

Will I lose my license if I admit that I have an addiction problem and seek treatment?
Many professions provide a way for healthcare professionals to receive treatment and return to work under monitoring.  Our goal is to provide quality treatment so you are able to return to your profession healthy and safe, for you and the public.  We have knowledge of the mechanisms of the healthcare professional boards and can use that to help you navigate the monitoring system.  Our existing relationships with professional boards will aid in a smooth transition when you are ready to safely practice again.

Why should I choose UAB ARP?
We have been working with healthcare professionals with addictions since 1994.  Our staff is well trained, experienced, and compassionate.  We provide a non-judgmental approach in meeting your personal goals.  Our community is small, so treatment is individualized; you and your recovery are our primary concern.

Will I be only with other healthcare professionals in treatment?
Most of your day will be spent with the other patients in treatment.  You will be in a healthcare professionals’ focus group that meets in the morning.  You will also meet with the coordinator for the professionals track.  Access to those you need will be readily available at ARP, as we have an “open door” policy with staff offices on the treatment floor.


Do healthcare professionals really need a separate group?
The long term positive outcome for healthcare professionals is vital for themselves and public safety.  Health care professionals often provide excellent care for others, but struggle to meet their own needs and care for themselves.  The use of drugs or alcohol often starts as a solution to the stress created by work. The subsequent addiction leads to shame, guilt, and a fear of seeking help.  Processing these issues with peers brings healing, acceptance, understanding, and a new way to live.