The UAB ENGEL SCHOOL, a component of the UAB Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, is a language based outpatient treatment and educational facility serving preschool age and school age children (K-12).  It is located on the UAB campus.  The program is designed for children and adolescents who benefit from the coordination of their specific treatment needs with a highly individualized school curriculum.  It operates Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 2:00 pm during the regular school year (August through May).  Referrals may be made by the Exceptional Education Department of any school systems in the region.  Children and adolescents may be referred when emotional difficulties significantly limit their ability to optimally function in school and home school resources have been maximized.  All school systems are welcome to refer students to the UAB Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry for an extended outpatient diagnostic evaluation completed by one of our second year child and adolescent psychiatry fellows at no charge.  These evaluations are often helpful in assessing a child’s or adolescent’s appropriateness for the Engel Day Treatment School and can facilitate the coordination of their matriculation.  You may call (205) 934-4108 for more information regarding these evaluations.

All students at the Engel Day Treatment School receive an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) and are involved in at least three hours of non-academic instruction and therapeutic activities each day.  In order to achieve individualized treatment and educational goals, students are involved in individual and group therapy, recreational therapy, therapeutic community meetings, goal reviews, educational field trips, life skills instruction, and classes attuned to the emotional needs of the child.  A multidisciplinary treatment team consisting of a child and adolescent psychiatrist, a nurse clinician, an educational specialist and classroom aide, and a case manager provide therapeutic and academic programming to address each child’s or adolescent’s treatment and educational goals.

The UAB ENGEL SCHOOL SUMMER PROGRAM is offered for 8 weeks from 8am-2pm each June and July.  Referrals to the summer program may be made by parents, schools, or clinicians.  Participation may be funded by Medicaid, ALL KIDS, self pay, or partially by PEEHIP.  The Engel School Summer Program focuses on assisting adolescents develop and improve life skills, social skills, coping skills, and self esteem.  Therapeutic activities include individual and group therapy, art therapy, therapeutic community meetings, therapeutically oriented classes, therapeutic field trips, physical education, and goal reviews.  The same multidisciplinary team in place for the school year program is in place during the summer program.

The UAB ENGEL THERAPEUTIC PRESCHOOL PROGRAM is a component of the ENGEL SCHOOL.  It is also a language based program focusing on early intervention and treatment of emotionally at risk preschool children for the promotion of emotional, behavioral, social and academic school readiness.  Children in the program receive individual and group therapy, and educational preparation.  Parent/guardian participation in parent support and guidance services are considered vital to each child’s progress.  Funded by Medicaid, ALL KIDS, self pay and partially funded by PEEHIP, the Therapeutic Preschool is a year long program offering services to preschool children five days a week from 8 am to noon.  Referrals are accepted throughout the year as places are available from parents and guardians, caregivers, clinicians, and agencies throughout the region.  An extended diagnostic evaluation completed by a UAB child and adolescent psychiatry fellow, under the supervision of a faculty member, is often helpful towards facilitating entrance into the program and coordination of services.  The preschool therapeutic team includes the program coordinator, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, senior child and adolescent psychiatry fellows, two classroom aides, and a nurse clinician.

For further information on the Engel School programs and referrals please call (205) 934-4108