Kálmána S., Garbett K.A., Vereczkeia A., Shelton R.C., Korade Ž., Mirnics K. Metabolic stress-induced microRNA and mRNA expression profiles of human fibroblasts. Experimental Cell Research 320:343-353, 2014.

This analysis of the effects of stress on cells in culture indicates that there is a specific set of small regulatory sequences of RNAs called microRNAs that are produced, which regulates the expression of specific genes. Regulation of gene expression under conditions of stress is one of the major models of cellular mechanisms predisposing to psychiatric disorders such as depression.

This reviews the results of a novel analysis of gene expression and regulation of gene activities by microRNAs as a result of a standard cellular stress procedure. These results may inform future studies of the cellular basis of psychiatric illnesses.

If replicated, these results may provide clues to a better understanding of psychiatric illnesses and may lead to improved treatments.