Nierenberg, A.A., Sylvia, L.G., Leon, A.C., Reilly-Harrington, N.A., Shesler, L.W., McElroy, S.L., Friedman, E.S., Thase, M.E., Shelton, R.C., Bowden, C., Tohen, M., Singh, V., Deckersbach, T., Ketter, T., Kocsis, J.H., McInnis, M.G., Schoenfeld, D., Bobo, W.V., Calabrese, J.R., Bipolar CHOICE Study Group. Bipolar CHOICE: An illustration of a comparative effectiveness trial for a complex disorder. Clinical Trials (in press).

This paper reviewed the design of a large-scale clinical trial comparing lithium and quetiapine in bipolar disorder. It would be relevant for anyone desiring a more complete understanding of study design, particularly in bipolar disorders.

Readers will get a better understanding of the thought processes behind the design of a major treatment study. This may lead to improved understanding of the results of such large scale trials.

This publication provides the reader with a more comprehensive understanding of research designs in Psychiatry.