These conferences are actually more discussion groups than formal lectures. From the topics noted in the Nuts and Bolts Schedule, it is apparent that most of these discussion deal with technical procedures or apparatus. We feel these conferences are extremely important for familiarizing new fellows with various aspects of Pulmonary/CCM life at UAB.
This conference series is held on each Thursday at noon.Topics of clinical relevance and cutting edge research are presented by UAB faculty from within and outside of the Division of Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care Medicine and Visiting Professors from institutions across the World. Attendance is mandatory for Pulmonary Fellows and Faculty. Second year Fellows are expected to present their research project (usually two Fellows will be assigned each a 30-minute session), and Third year Fellows, especially those in the Physician Scientist Track, are expected to present their research results in a one-hour session towards the second half of their third year. This conference is CME accredited.
This conference is given by faculty or Pulmonary Fellows. Speakers from other Departments are invited as appropriate (e.g., Thoracic Radiology and Surgery, Neurology ICU, Trauma, etc.). The goal is to cover all topics relevant to ABIM Board Certification in Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Medicine either through a formal lecture or a pulmonary/critical care case-based discussion.
This conference’s main objective is as a forum for dynamic interaction of pulmonologists, thoracic radiologists and lung pathologists. The conference series aims to cover all major pulmonary diseases during the course of a two-year cycle. Second year pulmonary Fellows select recent cases and present those to faculty and other fellows from all three departments in a format that encourages faculty participation and discussion. Fellows will choose on aspect of one of the cases Presentations and cases are discussed one week in advance with Dr. Joao de Andrade to assure that the presentations are appropriate and objective. In addition, the Radiology attending assigned to each conference presents “classical” chest x-ray findings during a brief “intermission” between cases.
Under the guidance of an assigned faculty mentor, Pulmonary Fellows present pertinent research articles from the current literature preceded by a brief overview of the field to put the article in perspective. Interaction between presenter and audience (Fellows and faculty) are strongly encouraged. Discussion emphasizes methodological aspects of these papers (design, analysis, interpretation of the data) and implications for clinical care including the practice of cost-effective care.
Fellows assigned to the UAB MICU service are responsible for presenting cases to the faculty and other Fellows. The presentation is followed by an open discussion as cases usually represent common ICU problems with diagnostic and management dilemmas. Attending physicians from other critical care services (i.e., Neuron ICU, CCU, Trauma/Burn, etc) are periodically invited to lecture (or discuss cases in a morbidity and mortality discussion format) on topics relevant to their areas of expertise so Pulmonary Fellows and faculty can receive the necessary critical care interdisciplinary training.
This conference, coordinated by Dr. Joao de Andrade is attended by the Pulmonary Fellows and faculty from the Interstitial Lung Disease Program (Drs. Joseph Barney, Tracy Luckhardt and Victor Thannickal), and, as opportunity permits, by other pulmonary faculty and invited faculty from the Depts. of Radiology and Pathology. This is a faculty-driven case presentation and is aimed at exposing Pulmonary Fellows to issues pertaining to the diagnosis and management of Interstitial Lung Diseases.  ILD Conferences are held every Thursday from 7:30 am - 8:30am in THT 513D.
This conference is attended by the Pulmonary Fellows and faculty from the Thoracic Neoplasm and Interventional Bronchoscopy Programs, and, as opportunity permits, by other Pulmonary faculty and invited faculty from the Departments of Radiology and Pathology. This is a faculty-driven case presentation and is aimed at exposing Pulmonary Fellows to issues pertaining to the diagnosis and management of Lung Cancer and other thoracic neoplasms.
Presented every other year 
James E. Johnson, MD

#1 - Introduction, Lung Structure, Gas Behavior

#2 - Pulmonary Mechanics I

#3 - Pulmonary Mechanics II

#4 - Gas Exchange in the Alveolus

#5 - Gas Diffusion into the Blood

#6 - Pulmonary Circulation

#7 - Ventilation-Perfusion Relationships in the Lung

#8 - Gas Transport by Blood

#9 - Control of Ventilation

#10 - Respiratory Physiology: Formulas and Abbreviations

#11 - Respiratory Physiology Problems/Cases
Pulmonary Division faculty members, and fellows will be involved in teaching the pathophysiology course for 2nd year medical students. More information will be distributed when the final schedule for that course is available.
This is a weekly conference for the Department of Medicine at large. Topics vary widely, but speakers with topics relevant to subspecialty training in pulmonary disease and critical care medicine from within and outside the institution are featured frequently. Attendance by Pulmonary Fellows and pulmonary attending is encouraged.  This conference is CME accredited.

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