Associate Professor of Medicine

Adjunct Faculty, School of Public Health

Educational Research Consultant, Lung Health Center

Adjunct Faculty in the Department of Family
and Community Medicine

Division of Pulmonary, Allergy & Critical Care Medicine
1530 3rd Avenue So, THT-422
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham, AL 35294

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 THT 541-G1

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 THT 541-G1

Office Phone:


 (205) 996-5889

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 (205) 975-6118

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Brief Bio

Dr. Harrington completed her undergraduate degree in Sociology and Education at St. Mary's College in Notre Dame, Indiana.  She did her graduate training at UAB, first completing a Masters in Education, then a Masters in Epidemiology and finally a doctorate in Health Education and Promotion.  Dr. Harrington has worked on numerous externally and internally funded grants at UAB, initially in areas of school health and HIV prevention and later in health literacy and lung diseases, particularly asthma in children.  She has served as a reviewer for multiple scientific journals and has mentored many students during Public Health internships.  Dr. Harrington also has served as an evaluator on several external projects, as a reviewer for HRSA's Maternal and Child Health Bureau grants and on several advisory boards, including those for Palliative Care and the Pediatric Pulmonary Center as well as serving on the Jefferson County's Health Action Partnership.  She joined the Lung Health Center in 2006 and the Pulmonary Faculty in 2007.


Clinical Interests 

Dr. Harrington is a Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist and has extensive training in Motivational Interviewing techniques.

Academic & Research Interests

Dr. Harrington's primary research interests lie in study design and program evaluation.  Areas of particular interest include adherence to treatment, and health literacy issues in pediatric asthma.                       

Dr. Harrington serves as an evaluator on several funded projects within the Graduate School and the Pediatric Pulmonary Division as well as external projects and those within the Lung Health Center.  Dr. Harrington teaches the Advanced Program Evaluation course for doctoral students in the Department of Health Behavior at the School of Public Health at UAB.  Dr. Harrington also has strong interest and expertise in medical training, serving as an evaluator on two grants for medical education, one for training Fellows to teach residents/medical students and one teaching medical students through simulation.  As well, she is currently the Chair of the Fellows Education Committee in the Pulmonary Division.


Key Publications

Harrington KF, Binkley D, Reynolds KD, Duvall RC, Copeland JR, et al. 1997. Recruitment issues in school-based research: Lessons learned from the High 5 Alabama Project. J Sch Health 67: 415-21

Harrington KF, DiClemente RJ, Wingood GM, Crosby RA, Person S, Oh MK, Hook W 3rd.  Validity of self-reported sexually transmitted diseases among African American female adolescents participating in an HIV/STD prevention intervention trial. Sex Transm Dis. 2001 Aug;28(8):468-71.

Harrington KF, Franklin F, Davies SL, Shewchuk R, Brown-Binns M. Implementation of a family intervention to increase fruit and vegetable intake: The Hi5+ experience. Health Promotion Practice 2005 June;6: 180-9

Harrington KF, Kohler C, McClure LA,  Franklin FA.  Fourth graders' report of fruit and vegetable intake at school lunch: does treatment assignment affect accuracy?  J Am Diet Assoc 2009; 109(1):36-44.

Harrington KF andBailey WC.  Smoking Cessation through the Utilization of Pharmacotherapy.  Expert Review of Respiratory Therapy . 2009. 3(5); 475-485

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