Fellowship Program Director - Joao A. de Andrade, MD
Fellowship Associate Program Director - Tracy Luckhardt, MD
Fellowship Coordinator - Cynthia Calhoun, BA

The Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Medicine Training Program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham is a unique blend of excellence in clinical training and research. We are committed to a rich and supportive educational environment where life-long learning skills are acquired and intellectual curiosity is treasured. The collegial atmosphere of the program lends itself to a comfortable, but yet challenging environment. The Division takes pride each year as our faculty and fellows are recognized by the Department of Medicine as outstanding teachers, clinicians and researchers.

Our program aims to (1) produce physicians who are clinically competent in the broad fields of Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Medicine; highly effective in a variety of clinical settings; and possess habits of life-long learning to allow for continued growth in knowledge, skills and other aspects of a professional career in Academic Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine; (2) to produce physicians that understand the indications and are competent in the performance of invasive and non-invasive procedures related to Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Medicine; and (3) to produce physicians that are well versed in the methodology required for the implementation, analysis, and reporting of quality improvement processes as well as hypothesis-driven research projects.

Our Division has a long history of providing excellent training in Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Medicine, and the primary mission of our training program is to assist you however possible in achieving your goal of acquiring the skills, attitudes and knowledge to function as a pulmonary and critical care physician in the setting of your choice.

Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine is a discipline that embraces a unique blend of medical knowledge, advanced technology and deep concern for the human element of our patients and profession. Of all the ingredients that have allowed our Division to be so successful in this field, clearly the most important is the high quality of the individuals we have been fortunate to have as faculty, fellows and staff. We are pleased you have chosen to explore our website. We hope you find the information valuable.

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