BVAMC Lung Mass Clinic

The VA Lung Mass Clinic provides a unique opportunity for our fellows to learn more about diagnosis and staging of lung cancer. The clinic is intended to address the outpatient evaluation of veterans with suspected lung cancer, or problems from lung cancer. This clinic meets every Thursday afternoon with Dr. Mark Dransfield. The fellow on combined VAICU/VA Consult service or VA Consult alone attends this clinic. New patients or return patients with lung masses are evaluated for proper diagnosis and management. The fellow attending this clinic is also responsible for scheduling and performing outpatient bronchoscopies on these patients. ,p> The specific responsibilities of the fellows rotating through the Lung Mass Clinic are as follows:

  1. Attend all clinics - in the event of illness, vacation or other requirements that do not permit attendance, the fellow is responsible for arranging coverage by another fellow.
  2. Schedule all procedures generated by the clinic with Dr. Dransfield (typically the following Monday or Thursday mornings).
  3. Perform all the procedures generated by the clinic, with the exception of the "end of month" clinics where the fellow rotates off before the scheduled procedure can be done. In that case, the fellow is responsible for informing the incoming fellow of the date/time of the procedure.
  4. The fellow is expected to contact patients with all major test results, primarily biopsy and PET scan results, or any other major result that will impact on care.
  5. The fellows are expected to track all major test results, especially biopsies and scan results. A list of pending results should be maintained and passed off to the incoming fellow at the change of month coverage swap.
  6. The fellow is expected to review all major test results with Dr. Dransfield in the context of developing a treatment/management plan. Once this has been done, the fellow is expected to contact the patient by phone to discuss the result and suggested plan, then document the patient contact with a brief note in the computer.

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