Pulmonary Inpatient Service

Pulmonary Inpatient Service (6-South)The Pulmonary fellow assigned to the 6-South service is responsible for the following:

  1. evaluating each admitted patient and contributing to the plan of treatment
  2. researching clinical problems involving admitted patients and educating the housestaff on these problems
  3. educating the housestaff on topics of general pulmonary medicine
  4. supervising procedures such as thoracenteses, lumbar puncture and central line placement performed by the housestaff
  5. performance of procedures including bronchoscopy and pleural biopsy under the supervision of the attending physician when necessary
  6. attending and contributing to daily morning work rounds

The Pulmonary fellow's role is primarily supervisory, teaching, and administrative and it is essential that the housestaff be given the ample, appropriate responsibility and authority that they are due. It is the philosophy that any patients connected with a division member or suffering from a disorder best treated by pulmonary subspecialists should be admitted to the 6-South service. Therefore, transfer of appropriate patients to the 6-South service is encouraged.

Patients being followed in UAB's Adult Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Program are admitted when necessary to the 6-South Pulmonary Service, and the housestaff receive assistance in their management by the fellow, as well as the nurse practitioners involved with the Cystic Fibrosis program.

The fellow assigned to this rotation should also lecture the housestaff on topics related to general pulmonary medicine. A few of the topics that should be covered include the following:

  1. PFT's
  2. Obstructive Airways Disease
  3. Pre-Post Surgical Management
  4. Restrictive Lung Disease
  5. Acute Respiratory Failure
  6. Neoplasms
  7. Pleural Disease
  8. Respiratory Infections

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