Birmingham Veteran's Affairs Medical Center

VA MICU Service
All patients hospitalized in the VA MICU are admitted to a dedicated MICU/CCU team consisting of 4-5 residents, a Pulmonary/CCM fellow, a Cardiology fellow and attendings from both the Pulmonary/CCM and Cardiology Divisions. The Pulmonary/CCM fellow has responsibilities as delineated below for patients on the service with non-cardiac critical illness.

VA MICU Fellow Responsibilities

  1. Round daily Monday through Friday with the team.
  2. Supervise performance of all major procedures (e.g. PA catheters, thoracenteses, etc.) and document this in the record.
  3. Assist the attending in carrying out teaching and rounding responsibilities.
  4. Perform daily and weekend sign-out procedures to on-call fellow.

On the weekend, the fellow will not round routinely with the team, but the on-call fellow will be available for coverage of procedures, admissions of complicated patients, etc. Daily weekend rounds will be performed by the designated faculty physician.

VA Consult Service (General and Lung Mass)
For most months of the year, the VA Consult Fellow is also the VA MICU Fellow. However, there are some months when the duties are divided. When this is the case, the VA Consult Fellow interprets the PFT's, attends Lung Mass clinic one half-day a week, and may help with inpatient consults, if this becomes necessary. The VA Consult Fellow will arrange for bronchoscopies from the Lung Mass clinic and will see that the appropriate follow-up is taken after bronchoscopy.

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