Co-directors: Drs. Stephen Barnes and Helen Kim

Contact: Dr. J. Edwin Blalock, LHC Scientific Director (205-934-6439)

Provides LHC members access to the most up-to-date spectrometry/proteomics/metabolomics capabilities for applications to the study of chronic lung diseases. 
Applications to pulmonary biospecimens include, but are not limited to:
biomarker discovery and quantitation
protein sequencing
analysis of protein abundance and/or modification differences between biospecimens
drug metabolism

The facility contains areas and computers for data processing by investigators and for teaching and consulting on issues involving mass spectrometry. The mass spectrometry component of PPL has instruments well suited for the analysis of post-translationally modified peptides and small molecules in biological fluids, tissues and complex mixtures.  The 2D-proteomics component of the PPL offers multiple approaches for resolving and analyzing complex mixtures of proteins including conventional 2D-electrophoresis (IEF/SDS-PAGE), as well as difference gel electrophoresis (DIGE) using cydye-labeled proteins among others.   All aspects of experiments and the resulting data can be tracked using the GenoLogics Proteus Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). For assistance in using the LIMS, please contact Scott Sweeny (4-3462; Information about the applications of proteomics and mass spectrometry to biological research at UAB can be obtained at

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