Director: David Graves, PhD

Contact: Dr. J. Edwin Blalock (LHC Scientific Director, 934-6439)

A joint initiative between the Lung Health Center (LHC) and the Department of Chemistry to develop novel therapeutics for lung diseases and pulmonary inflammation, the mission, focus and operations of the LHC initiative within the Department of Chemistry's Laboratory for Chemical Synthesis and Characterization are to expedite drug development and translational research in pulmonary diseases at UAB.  Targeted research areas in drug discovery through this program include computer-guided drug design, synthesis of novel biologically active agents, chemical and physical characterization, structural biochemistry of biological targets, and molecular biophysics of drug-target complexes.  The collaboration takes advantage of the Department of Chemistry's numerous resources and expertise including NMR, X-ray crystallography, mass spectroscopy and computational chemistry. 

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