Director/Contact: Chad Steele, Ph.D. (

Luminex is a multiplexed data acquisition and analysis platform for microsphere-based flow cytometric analysis. This technology is currently widely utilized to simultaneously detect and quantify up to 100 different antibodies, cytokines, growth factors, MMPs and even nucleic acids in human and animal samples. In our laboratory, we have employed Luminex-based multiplex suspension array technology (Bio-Plex, Bio-Rad) to quantify inflammatory mediators in human and animal samples and have successfully demonstrated its effectiveness as a platform.

To optimize immunological determinations of inflammatory mediators in samples of limited volume, including sputum, bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL), plasma or serum, we invested in developing and validating Luminex technology. We elected to employ the Bio-Rad based detection system Bio-Plex.   This technology has the advantage of having a broader dynamic range than ELISA and thus sample volume is conserved due to less dilution series (as data are more likely in the dynamic range of the assay) as well as the beads can be multiplexed with a theoretical 100 different combinations to assay samples as little as 50 ul.

Currently, the largest commercially available reagent kits have the ability to measure 42 (human) and 32 (murine) different analytes simultaneously. Furthermore, kits have now expanded to measure such analytes as soluble receptors, acute phase proteins and endocrine/hormone/metabolic proteins.

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