If you are interested in participating in medical research studies for persons with asthma or COPD, or if you wish to be notified when new studies are about to begin, you may consider joining the Lung Health Center’s Research Database. Individuals who join the Asthma and COPD Databases are asked to answer questions about their health, take a simple breathing test, and provide information so the Lung Health Center team can contact them. There is never any obligation to say “yes” to enrolling in any study undertaken by our department. While the research study you participate in may not lead to a scientific breakthrough, every study provides novel information for future trials and future discoveries.

Before finalizing your decision to participate in a study, be sure you know the answers to the following questions:

What are the major goals of the study?

What will be required of me and what is my role?

What are the possible side effects? How likely are they to occur, and what will be done to minimize them?

Is the study likely to benefit me directly?

What are the potential benefits to others?

How long is my participation required?

What discomforts, inconveniences and costs are involved?

Do I want to participate in this study?

For more information on participating in a medical research study, please call 205-934-5555. 

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