Institutional Review Board for Human Use (IRB)
The IRB is a group of faculty and staff at UAB or members of the community who have expertise in areas of research for human use. The IRB reviews all research conducted at UAB or by UAB faculty, staff, and students that involve human participants. The duty of the IRB is to ensure that:
  • research is conducted in an ethical manner;
  • risks to participants are minimal;
  • participant selection is equitable; and
  • participants are informed fully of the scope of participation and the potential risks and benefits of their participation.
The IRB also has jurisdiction over research that involves UAB data on human subjects and can approve, disapprove or require modifications in all research activities that fall with in its jurisdiction.

Informed Consent
For some studies, if you agree to participate, someone from the study will ask you for your “informed consent.” To give that consent, you may be asked to sign a form, but remember that informed consent is a process, not a form. If you have a question or concern about your participation at any time during the study, ask about it. After all, you need to be informed before you can give your consent.

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