UAB Hospital and The Kirklin Clinic have a multidisciplinary team of physicians directing the evaluation and management of lung cancer and other neoplasms with chest involvement. State of the art facilities and expertise have made the UAB Lung Cancer Program one of the leading centers for the diagnosis and management of lung cancer. The Pulmonary Division component of this effort, directed by Dr. Mark Dransfield, is focused on the initial diagnosis and staging of suspected neoplasms in the chest, as well as managing neoplastic complication - such as malignant pleural effusions. Multiple clinic times each week are devoted towards the initial evaluation of suspected neoplastic disease involving the chest or pleural space. Examples of patients that would be directed towards these clinics include those with lung nodules or masses, hemoptysis, persistent infiltrates, or pleural effusions of unknown etiology.

At the initial visit's conclusion, a specific action plan is developed that may include additional imaging studies, pulmonary function testing, scheduling biopsy procedures, or referral to other members of the UAB Lung Cancer Program.  A fundamental philosophy underpinning the operations of these clinics is that all patients with known or suspected thoracic malignancies or complications thereof, deserve prompt attention. We will almost always see patients referred by physicians within one calendar week of the referral. Diagnostic studies required after the first visit are generally completed within one week. The results of all key studies, including biopsy results and CT or PET scan results are communicated directly to the patient by Dr. Dransfield.

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