Laptop Encryption

A campus-wide mandate from President Garrison's office, requires all laptop computers used for UAB business (including management-authorized personal machines) must be encrypted by May 31, 2009. If you utilize a laptop computer for UAB Hospital/Health System work, you are required to do this, no matter how the computer was purchased. Please note that this mandate refers to any UAB-related use of the computer, not just research or other work that includes PHI.  

The new Health System encryption product no longer requires a separate pre-boot encryption password.  Normal Windows user authentication is all that is required!  If you'd like more information, please contact the UABHS Office of Information Security. 

For Windows Systems:
Operating System must be Windows XP or newer
Prior to Encryption
1. Backup any critical files on your laptop!!!
2. Run "Disk Defragmenter" on your hard drive
3. Install all available Windows updates
4. Verify that the power supply is with the laptop

For Max OS Systems:
Mac users should enable the built-in "FileVault 2" encryption feature.

Finally, it is required that we inventory every laptop computer to which these policies apply, including recording serial numbers and user names and verifying that laptop is encrypted.  Pat Moore will be responsible for maintaining this inventory, but you will have to bring your computer to her office to do this.

Request Encryption (Hospital/Health System)
If you have a UABHS laptop that needs to be encrypted or need assistance with an encrypted laptop, please contact the HSIS Support Desk by simply emailing or calling 934-8888.

For complete instructions, please visit Information Security.