The UAB Department of Radiation Oncology: A Historical Primer

From our modest beginnings in the basement of the Jefferson Tower in 1969, the Department of Radiation Oncology at UAB has ascended to the technological vanguard of its field.

While the field of radiation therapy has more than a century of history, its duration as a discipline at this campus is much shorter.

The 1970’s was a decade of rapid growth and change, for both the nation and for the newly-formed department.

While clinical advances and educational efforts continued into the next decade, the eighties brought about an effort to transform UAB Radiation Oncology into a nationally-recognized program.

The Nineties were characterized by the continued growth in of radiation oncology, helped in part by advances in physics and also by research innovations with roots in the Comprehensive Cancer Center Act.

When Dr. Bonner was hired as the department’s third Chair, those that hired him had aspirations that he’d elevate the program to an international level.

New Facilities

Several facility projects are on the drawing board, under construction, in various stages of evaluation, or completed and in operation.

History is often made notable by events, but the history itself is made by people.