Training Highlights and Standards

Care Professionals Trained and Certified to the Highest Standards

The treatment planning and care plan delivery processes in radiation oncology are complex and multi-faceted. They require the expertise of an array of professionals in varying aspects of the field. UAB Radiation Oncology presents a highly-trained team of physicians, medical physicists, dosimetrists, nurses, and radiation therapists, each with a demonstrated competency to provide you with the best care possible. Many facilities do not require the high level of degrees and certifications that UAB Radiation Oncology requires, and we believe that our commitment to the highest standards in the field yield a positive difference in our services. The following is a summary of our professional care staff:

Radiation Oncologist Physician Faculty (MD)

Our ten-plus faculty physicians are board certified in radiation oncology. They have completed medical school and also a residency in the field of radiation oncology, and many hold PhD degrees in addition to their MD. Because UAB is an academic medical center, our physicians' involvement in research keeps them abreast of the latest breakthroughs and technologies. And as a teaching institution, our physicians are teaching our physician residents to be the radiation oncologists of tomorrow.

Medical Physicist Faculty (PhD)

Radiologic physics is that branch of physics which includes therapeutic radiological physics, diagnostic radiological physics, and medical nuclear physics. Many radiation oncology facilities contract their physics work out to traveling physicists. But at UAB, we employ eight PhD, board certified, medical physicists, which is by far the largest medical physics staff in the state. And like our physician faculty, our PhD physics faculty members are involved not only in clinical care and delivery, but also in research and education, ensuring that we remain at the technological forefront of the field.

Certified Medical Dosimetrists (CMD)

The work of a medical dosimetrist can be performed by a bachelors-trained radiation therapist and many centers choose to have their dosimetry work done by their treatment delivery staff. At UAB, however, we believe that the complexity of the field requires a special commitment to treatment planning that can best be achieved only by Certified Medical Dosimetrists (CMD). Accordingly, all the dosimetrists we employ are required to achieve and maintain their CMD certification as a condition of employment. The CMD is a certification process that requires a combination of experience, the formal examination of knowledge and skills, and continuing education, all with the goal of advancing the profession of medical dosimetry.

Oncology Certified Nurse (OCN®)

At UAB Radiation Oncology, we employ only bachelors-trained registered nurses, and as a condition of continued employment, we require that they earn and maintain an OCN certification. The OCN examination is a validation of a registered nurse's knowledge in cancer nursing. To qualify for the exam, a nurse must have worked a specified number of hours and hold an appropriate degree. Maintenance of the certification mandates continuing education credits and work in the field.

Radiation Therapists (B.S., RT)

All radiation therapists must be registered in order to work in the field. At UAB Radiation Oncology, we train our radiation therapists in all of the latest technologies, and we annually test their competency.