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The Cancer Center at Russell Medical Center in Alexander City, AL is a regional leader in screenings, diagnosis, comprehensive treatment, advanced technology, rehabilitative care and social support. 

 We offer a multi-disciplinary care team including a medical oncologist, radiation oncologists, skilled oncology nurses, dosimetrist, radiation therapists, clinical dietician, case manager/social worker and support staff.The Cancer Center at RMC is committed to providing cancer education to our patients and their families.  Our expansive facility is equipped with a room specifically designed for patient education.  In addition, a trained staff nurse will provide one-on-one counseling with patients upon request.  Our continuum of care process encompasses the entire cancer experience including cancer support groups providing forums to talk, listen and learn from others who have been through the same experience.

Outstanding patient care means more than treating tumors; it is caring for people as if they were members of our own family.  Within The Cancer Center at RMC, we utilize every resource available to give people with cancer the opportunity to live the life they envisioned before their diagnosis.