Director: Christopher Willey, M.D., Ph.D.

Technical Director: Joshua Anderson, Ph.D.

  • Identify what kinases or kinase family Responses occur post treatment (e.g.drug/condition)
  • Identify kinase Profiles associate diwth Phenotype (e.g. survial, growth, metastasis)
  • Identify kinase Targets for intervention and hypotheses based kinomic activity

Basic level - single comparision between two conditions

  • Altered peptide list
  • Probable altered kinase list
  • Network mapping of altered peptides and kinases
  • Three to four week turnaround

Advanced level - varies but here are some examples:

  • Phenotypic drive signature mappping
  • Stage/grade/severity mapping of kinases across multples samples
  • Tissue specific filtration and comparision/bombination with phenotypic, genomic or other -omic lelve data
  • Expedited 10 business day turnaround

Contact us prior to planning your experimens to we can help you best design your experiments to get the most from our profiling platform. Once we are in contact with you, cellular or tissue lysates can be prepared according to "Sample Prep" protocol.