Rheumatology Journal Club & Special Topics 2014-15

Meetings will be held 12:00 -1:00 p.m. in the Shelby Building, Room 105

A light lunch will be provided.

For questions concerning the Journal Club, contact Chander Raman, PhD at 4-2472 or craman@uab.edu



Papers for Discussion or
Title of Special Topic

8/15/2014 Special Topics: S. Louis Bridges, MD, PhD

Demystifying the Grant Review Process

9/5/2014 Chander Raman, PhD and S. Louis Bridges, MD, PhD

CR - Hou et al, 2014
CR - Rubtsova et al, 2013 

 SLB - Wright et al, 2014


Matthew Stoll, MD, PhD and Jasvinder Singh, MD

MS - Osborne et al, 2014

MS - Chhabra et al, 2014

JAS - Lee et al, 2014

9/19/2014 Special Topics 





10/3/2014 Michael Fuller, PhD and Peter Weiser, MD

 MF -  Kuehn et al, 2014

MF - Rieux-Laucat et al, 2014

PW - Liu et al, 2014


Troy Randall, PhD and Andrew Gibson, PhD

 TR - Le Coz et al, 2013

AG - Funabiki et al, 2014

10/17/2014 Special topics: Erin D. Snyder, MD

How to Give a Lecture in an Academic Setting


Kenneth Saag, MD and Jeffrey Curtis, MD

KS - Mease et al, 2014

JC - Genovese et al, 2014
Robert Lowe, MD and Sarah L. Morgan, MD (Rheum-CMBD joint meeting)

RL - Cribbs et al, 2014

SLM - Schwartz et al, 2014 

11/14/2014 Ulus Atasoy, MD
University of Missouri School of Medicine

Posttranscriptional gene regulation: sometimes small fish are more important than big ones 

11/21/2014 No Special Topics Meeting  
11/28/2014 No Journal Club - Thanksgiving Holiday


12/5/2014 Hui-Chen Hsu, PhD and John Mountz, MD, PhD

Rowland et al, 2014

Sisirak et al, 2014 

12/12/2014 Jenny Lin, MD and Alexander Szalai, PhD

JL - Frauenfelder et al, 2014

AS - Guo et al, 2014 

12/19/2014 No Journal Club-No Special Topics  - Holiday  
12/26/2014 No Journal Club - Holiday  
1/2/2015 No Journal Club- Holiday  

Maria Danila, MD and Yang Yang, PhD

 MD - Emery et al, 2015

YY - Krevvata et al, 2014
1/16/2015 Special Topics: Melissa O. McBrayer, Program Director, CCTS, UAB

 CCTS Opportunities

1/23/2015 Melissa  Mannion, MD and Angelo Gaffo, MD AG - Guillevin et al, 2014

MM - Eng et al, 2014


Xinrui Li, PhD and Marcin Trojanowski, MD

 XL - Clatworthy et al, 2014

MT - van Laar et al, 2014


Andre Ballesteros, PhD and Archana Jain, MD  


Special Topics



Iris Navarro-Millan, MD and Xena Whittier, MD



Laura Hughes, MD and Richard Reynolds, PhD



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