Alarcón, Graciela S., MD, MPH

very small AlarconJane Knight Lowe Emeritus Professor of Medicine

Areas of Interest:

Ball, Gene V., MD

very small BallProfessor Emeritus

Areas of Interest:

Bennett, J. Claude, MD

very small BennettDistinguished University Professor Emeritus

Areas of Interest:
Delineation of constant (C) and variable (V) regions of immunoglobulin molecules, the structures of rheumatoid factors and relationships to various infectious agents as initiators of the rheumatoid process

Fine, Philip, R., PhD, MSPH

very small FineProfessor Emeritus
Founder and Director Emeritus,
UAB Injury Control Research Center
Founder and Director Emeritus,
The Southern Consortium for Injury Biomechanics
Founder and Director Emeritus,
The UAB University Transportation Related Injury Center

Areas of Interest:
Injury epidemiology and biostatistics

Heck, Louis W., Jr., MD

very small HeckProfessor Emeritus

Areas of Interest:
Pathogenesis and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

Koopman, William J., M.D.

very small KoopmanDistinguished Professor Emeritus
Chairman Emeritus of Medicine

Areas of Interest: The critical role synovial tissue cells play in rheumatoid arthritis, molecular biology of rheumatoid arthritis leading to groundbreaking treatment options, including arthritis-fighting proteins, a monoclonal antibody, and a vaccine

Rich, Robert R., MD

very small RichProfessor Emeritus
Dean Emeritus of the UAB School of Medicine

Areas of Interest:
Cellular and molecular interactions between antigen presenting cells and T lymphocytes, including definition of interactions of superantigens with T cell receptors for antigen, the molecular basis of peptide binding and functional specialization of a major histocompatibility class Ib molecule


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