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Please cite grant numbers: NIH P30 AR048311 and NIH P30 AI27667

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Date Protocol

Submitted By

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11/8/2013 Phospho-Flow Cytometry Preparation

Chander Raman, PhD
Donald McGuire, Graduate Student



Presentations and Symposia

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Date Where

Presentation Title 


Building a New Toolbox for FACS and Imaging Analysis

Hui-Chen Hsu, PhD
12/08/2011 BBBRB, 170

Development and Use of Class II tetramers to detect small populations of CD4 T cells by FACS

James Moon, PhD


Continuing Education Center  Auditorium

Advanced Practical Flow Cytometry in Immunology and Autoimmunity

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Richard Hardy

Henry van der Heyde

Kathleen McGrath

Yu Qian

Larry Sklar

5/17/2012  Shelby 105

 Conventional flow and image flow methods to study priming, activation and functional subsetting of leukocytes

Rabindra M.Tirouvanziam, PhD
Assistant Professor, Emory
Children's Center for CF Research
Emory University School of Medicine, Dept of Pediatrics
Division of Pulmonary, Allergy & Immunology, Cystic Fibrosis and Sleep (PACS)

2/19/2014 Webinar

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Integrating Flow Cytometry and Single Cell Transcriptomics: Instrumental Synergy

Mario Roederer, PhD
Vaccine Research Center
National Institutes of Health

4/1/2014 Shelby 105

Flow Cytometry Data Analysis

Jack Panopoulos, PhD
FlowJo Specialist

6/24/2014 Shelby 105

A Genomics (R)evolution: harnessing the Power of Single Cells

Pedja Sekaric, PhD

9/4/2014 Shelby 105

Polymeric nanomaterials for controlled delivery (Wonderful World of Technology Series)

Eugenia Kharlampieva, PhD
Assistant Professor
Nanomaterials/Polymer Chemistry, UAB

11/6/2014 Shelby 515

Using the ImageStream to Study the Immune System

Chander Raman, PhD

James S. New, Graduate Student in Dr. John Kearmey's laboratory

2/5/2015 Shelby 515

The Wonderful World of Gene Editing Using CRISPR/Cas9

Track 1 

Track 2

Track 3

Thomas M. Ryan, PhD
Associate Professor
Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics

2/26/2015 Shelby 515

Development of autoreactive transitional B cells induced by apoptotic Ag stimulation

Jennie Hamilton
Graduate Student
GBS Immunology Theme

3/10/2015 Shelby 318

Introduction to FloJoV10

Timothy Crawford, PhD
Application Scientist
FlowJo LLC

1/12/2016 Shelby 1025 Cytometry Data Analysis in FlowJo v10 Timothy Carwford, PhD
Application Scientist
FlowJo LLC
1/28/2016 Shelby 1025 The UAB RDCC
Wonderful World of Technology series

NEXT-GEN sequencing

Single Cell RNA-seq

Manny Buschmann, Clontech Laboratories, Inc.

Michael Crowley, PhD
Director, UAB heflin Genomic Core Laboratories
2/22/2016 Shelby 1025 Detection, Resolution and Imaging Beyond Abbe's Diffraction Limit Ric Vilani
Senior Biosystems
Application Manager
Nikon Instruments
5/26/2016 Shelby 105 Single Cell Genetics: From Sorting to Fluidigm John D. Mountz, MD, PhD
Director of Comprehensive Flow Cytometry Core at Shelby

Erik Malarkey, PhD
CFCC Single Cell Specialist
6/29/2016 Webinar Running a C1 Experiment: Sample Prep and Experimental Work-Flow Maxine McClain, PhD
Fluidigm Specialist

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