How To Apply

1. Complete the online application. 
In addition to completing the required fields, you will need to have the following information ready to upload (pdf is best) since it is not possible to save your application and come back to complete it at a later time.  You will receive a confirmation email once the application is submitted.

- Have your statement of Academic Interest and Career Goals ready to upload.  Describe your previous research experience (if any), scientific areas of interest, hobbies, and plans for post-baccalaureate research.  Two pages maximum.

- Have your resume ready to upload.

- References/letters of recommendation.  You will need to input contact information (name, institution/dept, email and phone) for your two references into the online application.  Do not copy and paste email addresses, type them in.  Instruct your references to send them directly to Dr. Lorenz (see 3. How to Send Letters of Recommendation). Guidelines for letters of recommendation are available in Frequently Asked Questions.

2. Transcript.  To maintain your privacy, transcripts should NOT be uploaded.  Please mail or email yours to the SIBS address below. We accept official or unofficial transcripts, to include Fall 2015 grades.  If you are chosen to be a SIBS student, you will be asked to submit an official transcript at that time.

3. Letters of Recommendation.  These must be confidential, and mailed or emailed directly from the faculty to Dr. Robin Lorenz at (preferred) or mailed to the address below:

Robin G. Lorenz, MD, PhD
Assistant Dean for Physician-Scientist Education
Director, SIBS Undergraduate Research Program
University of Alabama at Birmingham
1720 2nd Street South, SHEL 602
Birmingham, AL 35294-2182

Letters of Recommendation must be received by the deadline, February 15, 2015.

Questions? Please contact the SIBS office at or phone 205.934.0440.


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