Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have my transcript and letters of recommendation sent to the SIBS program separately? 

  • Yes, your school transcript and your letters of recommendation can each be sent separately, either by regular mail to the SIBS address  or by e-mail to Robin Lorenz MD, PhD (

Can my letters of recommendation be sent electronically? 

  • Yes, the person writing your letter of recommendation can directly e-mail Robin Lorenz at Please note that the e-mail must come directly from the person writing the letter of recommendation. Forwarded or rerouted e-mails from the applicant will not be accepted.

Can I apply if I am a freshman, but have sophomore or junior standing due to AP credits? 

  • Yes, we accept applications from students who are true freshman, but have sophomore or junior level standing due to credits from high school AP  or other coursework.

Can I apply if I need to start SIBS late because my final college-exams don't finish until after the SIBS start date? 

  • Yes, you can still apply as long as you can start within a week of the SIBS start date. Please indicate on your application your anticipated start date and the reason for a potential delay.

Can I apply if I am a senior? 

  • No, we do not accept applications from seniors in college.

Can international students apply? 

  • No, SIBS students must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

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