About the Division


Director: James K. Kirklin, M.D.
Administration: 1900 University Blvd
760 Tinsley Harrison Tower
Birmingham, AL 35294-0006
Telephone: (205) 934-3368

Welcome to the Web page for the Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Department of Surgery at University of Alabama School of Medicine, Birmingham. 

The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) has a long tradition of providing excellent clinical care, education and research in the field of cardiac surgery.  The modern era of cardiothoracic surgery at UAB began following the arrival of Dr. John W. Kirklin from the Mayo Clinic in 1966.  Since that time, the division has continued to offer a broad range of cardiac surgical procedures to infants, children and adults.

The Division's mission is to improve patient care and quality of life through careful scientific investigation of clinical outcomes, the discovery of novel therapies, and the investigation of the basic mechanisms of diseases that make cardiothoracic surgical interventions necessary. 

The faculty members of the Division are led by James K. Kirklin, M.D., Professor and Division Director.  To support these goals, a world-class clinical and research enterprise has been built over the last three decades, attracting over 2 million dollars in extramural funding.