Referring a Patient to the Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery

To refer a patient, please contact:


Dr. James K. Kirklin
  Michelle G. Smith
  P: 205-934-3368 / F: 205-934-5261

Dr. William Holman
  Connie McLernon
  P: 205-934-3853 / F: 205-975-6618

Dr. James Davies

  Patients with last name beginning with A-O contact:
  Jennifer Haikes
  P: 205-996-9256 / F: 205-996-9385
  Patients with last name beginning with P-Z contact:
  Donna Bowman,
  P: 205-996-9252/ F: 205-996-9385

  Dr. Davies cell: 205-515-4247 (Physician calls only please)

Dr. Constantine Athanasuleas
  UAB OFFICE: Rebecca Sharritt
  P: 205- 934-2536 /F: 205-975-4066

  FLORENCE, AL OFFICE: UAB affiliated Alabama heart & 
  vascular center

  P: 256-764-2482 / F: 256-768-8478

Dr. Charles W. Hoopes
  Julie Foster  
  P: 205-934-6580 / F: 205-975-2526 

Dr. Franjo Siric

  Julie Foster  
  P: 205-934-6580 / F: 205-975-2526  
  Dr. Siric's cell phone:  216-456-5678 (Physician calls only please)

Dr. R. Ravi Kumar
  Luanne Little
  P: 205-996-7019/ F: 205-996-2555

Dr. David Cleveland and Dr. Robert Dabal
  Jordan Bocage, 
  P: 205-934-2419/ F: 205-996-6651



Dr. Robert Cerfolio, Dr. Douglas Minnich and Dr. Benjamin Wei
  Zenneda Ellis,
  P: 205-975-4438 or 205-934-5937 / F: 205-975-2815

                All physicians may be reached by calling:
                     UAB MIST OPERATOR 1-800-822-6478
                         UAB HEALTHFINDER 205-934-9999