Children's Hospital

Children's Hospital is a tertiary care facility and referral center for pediatric patients through a 5-state region. It is the only health care facility in the state devoted exclusively to the treatment of children. This hospital is located 2 blocks from the Jefferson Tower and is in the Medical Center complex. The Surgeon-in-Chief, Dr. Mike Chen, is also the Director of the Division of Pediatric Surgery and Associate Chairman for Children's Hospital. Childrens

The community surgeons in all of the clinical disciplines contribute to house staff education in terms of both patient population and experience, and in providing a well-balanced exposure to alternative approaches to patient care. Full-time surgical faculty include General Surgery, Urology, Neurology, Otolaryngology, Ophthalmology, Plastic Surgery and Orthopedic Surgery.

Approximately one-half of the inpatients at Children's Hospital are on the surgical services. There were 9,683 total admissions and 3,837 surgery clinic visits in 1994. The Emergency Room treated 62,133 patients with 108,070 patients seen in one of the 40 outpatient clinics. During 1994,there were more than 9,000 surgical procedures performed.

Hospital facilities include a 12-room operating suite,18-bed medical/surgery pediatric intensive care unit, and a 9-bed burn unit which supports the management of critically ill patients. Surgical residents are important members of the Pediatric Trauma Team which receives injured children from all areas of Alabama. The residents also participate in the management of infants treated with extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for severe reversible lung disease.

Children's Hospital has recently been completely renovated. A new professional office building, the Ambulatory Care Center( ACC), provides office space for physicians as well as outpatient clinic facilities and conference rooms for teaching. The teaching program at Children's Hospital has resulted in a distribution of loyal pediatricians throughout the state of Alabama. Strong referral patterns have been developed as a result of this physician distribution. Children's Hospital receives patients from every county in the state making it a Children's Hospital for all of Alabama and the southeastern region.

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