Welcome from the Chair

Devin Eckhoff, M.D.
Professor & Chair, Transplant Surgeryeckhoff devin

Welcome to the University of Alabama at Birmingham Division of Transplantation Surgery.  This site is intended to provide information to the academic community regarding activities and opportunities available in the clinical, educational and research settings.

UAB is a dynamic and growing medical center with over 1,000 beds in all disciplines of clinical care, research and teaching.  Over $350,000,000 have been invested in new, advanced facilities dedicated to high technology, operating rooms, ICUs, catheterization, imaging and interventional studies in the recent past.  The Emergency Department covers approximately one square block and UAB houses a 20 bed surgical ICU, which is shared with General Surgery patients.  In addition, UAB ranks in the top 20 nationally in research funding from NIH. 

UAB's Division of Transplant Surgery is recognized worldwide for both high clinical volume and excellence in outcomes. The Transplant Division is organized into two separate services: liver transplant and kidney/pancreas service.  The division staffs four board certified kidney/pancreas surgeons and three board certified liver/pediatric transplant surgeons and currently, two fellows. All surgeons have trained in an accredited training program in kidney transplantation, living donor nephrectomies, liver transplantation, and pancreas transplantation, according to AST requirements.   The transplant division has more than 2300 admissions annually, which is representative of the full spectrum of acute and tertiary care for end-stage renal, liver and pancreatic disease.  The division has a close working and collaborative relationship with the section of Transplant Nephrology, Transplant Hepatology and the Liver Center that allows for excellent comprehensive care.  In addition, because of transplantation's presence within the hospital, it works closely with all integrated specialties, many that have dedicated physician staff to transplantation such as anesthesiology, pathology, radiology, infectious disease, etc.  

The Transplant Surgery Division has two outpatient practices, one in the Kirklin clinic, dedicated to liver transplant patients and one hospital based clinic located in Jefferson Tower for renal/pancreas patients.  Over 12,500 visits are made to the transplant outpatient clinics each year. There are two units for inpatient transplant patients in the Spain-Wallace building. The renal transplant unit is located on the 7thfloor and another smaller unit for liver transplant patients is on the 8th floor.  There are several basic research laboratories collaborations within the Division of Surgery, and more specifically in the Division of Transplantation, there are research opportunities in islet cell transplantation, chronic rejection and angiogenesis. In addition, there is an abundance of ongoing clinical research studies. 

The division deems resident and fellow education as paramount and offers an extremely busy clinical service.  Many excellent opportunities for training in clinical care, research and teaching are available.  A first year resident and a third year resident rotate on the kidney/pancreas surgery as well as a first year transplant fellow. The kidney/pancreas service is also responsible for over 100 living related donor nephrectomies as well as an aggressive vascular access program that performs almost 1000 dialysis access procedures annually. The second year transplant fellow serves on the liver transplant service.  The liver service also has a busy hepatobiliary practice with over 150 liver resections and extrahepatic biliary tree operations performed annually.

One of the truly unique aspects of the Transplantation Program at UAB is the outstanding camaraderie and cooperative spirit that exists between Transplant Surgery and our medical colleagues.  This presents a unique opportunity for both comprehensive care and education.  We take great pride in our department, the institution of excellence and the opportunity of a collaborative and collegial atmosphere. 

As the Professor and Chair of Transplant Surgery, I invite you to browse the rest of the abdominal transplant home page.  If you have any questions about the Surgical Transplant Programs at UAB, please contact me at (205) 975-7622, fax, (205) 934-8378, or email at deckhoff@uabmc.edu