Center for Injury Sciences

In addition to clinical care responsibilities, surgeons in the Division of Trauma, Burns, and Surgical Critical Care also engage in clinical and laboratory research programs through association with the Center for Injury Sciences (CIS) at UAB. The mission of the CIS is to improve the care of injured patients and to strengthen research related to the prevention and treatment of various mechanisms of injury, particularly those associated with motor vehicle collisions, the leading contributor to the trauma problem in Alabama.

Since its inception in 1999, this center has contributed to the understanding of these injuries by employing a multidisciplinary approach. Through collaborative interaction and investigation, trauma surgeons, emergency medicine physicians, biomechanical engineers, epidemiologists, health behavior psychologists and rehabilitation physicians have been able to examine motor vehicle related injuries from various perspectives. This approach provides the opportunity to translate new research findings into practical applications to include clinical care and diagnostic techniques, prevention initiatives, and several educational programs to enhance the trauma care knowledge base of health care providers in Alabama and nationally.

Specific areas of focus have included burn wound coverings and support techniques, mediators and mechanisms of the metabolic response to injury, organ system failure and host defense mechanisms, motor vehicle crash biomedical research, the role of growth factors in wound healing, injury epidemiology, and trauma system development. Efforts also have included expanding trauma system capabilities to monitor for chemical/biological terrorism risks and to provide for optimal response in the event of large-scale mass casualty incidents.

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