Division of Vascular Surgery

The UAB Division of Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Surgery represents an example of growth and progress in treating Vascular disease throughout our state and region. This website can provide you with an oversight of the services that we provide from a clinical care, educational and research perspective. 

The Vascular Division at UAB has been involved with the care of Vascular patients since the 1960s when cerebrovascular disease was first being treated with surgical therapy.  Since that time, our division has grown to include five surgeons and two Vascular Medicine specialists. We all remain intricately involved in handling the full spectrum of Vascular patients to include the routine that turn into the not-so-routine. Specifically, we treat patients with cerebovascular and upper extremity problems both from arterial and venous perspectives.  We also treat aortic disease from the chest down to the abdomen.  We are intricately involved in evaluation and management of branch vessel disease of the aortic including the mesenteric circulation and also renal artery disease.  Lower extremity problems both arterial and venous perspectives are evaluated in one of our two Vascular Laboratories where our doctors and nurses are ready to guide your vascular care.  While atheroscleroses remain the primary disease problem that we treat, we also treat non-atherosclerotic disease including thromboembolic disorders, vasculitis and congenital vascular problems. 

Our Vascular faculty hail from around the country and represent a broad range of educational backgrounds.  As division director, I have been trained both at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and at Emory University.  I have enjoyed being part of the faculty at UAB since 1994.  Dr. Marc Passman is a Professor in our group and is also the Director of the Vein Clinic.  His educational background ranges from Maine to Oregon and to North Carolina.  Dr. Passman also treats the heart and vascular surgery resizedmultiple spectrums of vascular and venous disorders.  Dr. Mark Patterson is the Chief of our VA group and directs much of the care at that institution which is adjacent to our University Hospital.  His educational background ranges from Alabama to Wisconsin and he provides a valued perspective in treating our vascular patients.  

Our educational endeavors have also continued to grow.  After educating General Surgery residents for years, we have recently added our Vascular Fellowship in 2002 for continued specialty training after one finishes general surgery residency.  This is a two-year ACGME accredited fellowship that provides entry into board certification in Vascular surgery.  Such training opens the door for multiple practice opportunities around the country.  Additionally, in 2010 we started the Integrated Vascular Surgery Training Program which recruits students from the fourth year of medical school to provide five years of dedicated Vascular training so that our graduates again are eligible for the Vascular Surgery Board examination and then immediate vascular practice opportunities.  This new training paradigm is an exciting option for medical school graduates who have identified Vascular disease as a primary focus of their practice with their ultimate clinical and academic interest. 

Finally, we remain active in clinical research focused both on the review of treatment of all of our patients.  We maintain a large Vascular Database which is used by many investigators in the clinical and academic offices.  This database affords us the ability to look very carefully at our patients and produce scientific reports that are presented at national and international meetings.  Additionally, we maintain a robust research area that also manages clinical trials to offer our patients new modes of advanced therapy long before these treatments are available to the general population.  Our offices are supported by many associates who help us to maintain the highest standards of care. 

I now invite you to peruse this website more thoroughly to understand more about our services.  Of course, further questions can be directed to us by calling our offices at 205-934-2003 for patient care and 205-934-2006 for administrative items. 


William D. Jordan M.D.

Director, Division of Vascular Surgery