The TCBF has received funding to collect, process, and bank tissue samples and fluids for the following UAB SPORES:  Ovarian, Breast, Pancreatic, and Cervix.  The facility currently stores thousands of tissue samples and fluids for these specialized banks.  The Ovarian SPORE is no longer funded, but specimens previously collected and banked for the Ovarian SPORE are available to UAB Cancer Center members via the TPSF, and to other researchers via the CHTN.  UAB investigators interested in access to tissue banked for the Breast or Pancreatic SPORE should complete and submit the respective applications:

o   Intramural Breast SPORE application

o   Intramural Pancreatic SPORE application

Investigators outside UAB interested in applying for these specimens should complete and submit the CHTN application located on the CHTN website along with the appropriate Extramural application:

o   Extramural Breast SPORE application supplement

o   Extramural Pancreatic SPORE application supplement

All requests for SPORE samples will be reviewed by the appropriate SPORE Tissue Utilization Committee who will determine whether or not specimens can be made available.