Call Schedule

Call is taken by pager from home. The call schedule is typically prepared by the residents. The first year, second year, and third year urology resident will rotate taking emergency room (ER) call at night and on weekends. Each will take approximately 6 call nights each month, depending on the length of the month. One of the six call days for each resident is typically a weekend day and the remainder are weekdays.

The PGY - 2 residents typically each take call on one Sunday per month and possibly an additional weekend day.

The PGY-3 resident takes call one Sunday per month and occasionally will take call on a Saturday. 

 The PGY - 4 resident typically takes call one Saturday per month. The chief residents take call one week at a time. Call may be taken from home but it is understood that the resident needs to be available to come to the hospital in a timely fashion to assess patients or perform other necessary duties.