Materials Processing and Applications Development (MPAD) Center

There is a strong alumni base of UAB graduates with research experience in composites. 
A partial list of UAB graduates since 2001is provided here, with information of where they are now working or studying:

past studentsLeft to Right - Francis Samalot, Shane Bartus, Lakshya Deka, Balaji Thattai, Saptarshi Vichare, Shalmalee Vaidya, Carol Ochoa, Rahul Kulkarni, Vishal Kamble

1) John Smith, PhD (December 2013) (UAB)
Progressive forming of thermoplastic composites
Employment: Fontaine, Jasper, AL

2) Theresa Bayush, MS (December 2013) (UAB)
Flax fiber thermoplastic composites development and characterization

3)  Dhruv Bansal, PhD, December 2012 (UAB)
Development of carbon-carbon composites with nanographene platelets
Employment: Trelleborg Offshore, Houston, Tx

4) Eric O. Anderson, PhD, December 2012 (UAB)
North Dakota State University (BS)
Compression under impact of glass/VE and sandwich composites  
Employment: Ticona Inc, Winona, MN
5) Aaron Siegel, MS May 2012 (UAB)
BS - Univ. of North Florida 
Development and Characterization of Thermoplastic Microballoons
Employment: Tyndall Air Force Base

6) Paul Warren, MS May 2012 (UAB)
BS - Ga Tech 
Development of Thermoplastic Composites for Orthopedic Boneplates
Current Pursuing - PhD in Biomedical Engineering

7) Carol Ochoa, MS/PhD  May 2010 (UAB)
MS, Chemical Engg - Univ. of Los Andes, Columbia          
Design and analysis of thermoplastic composite with metal cords
Employment: Fenner Belts, Pennsylvania 

8)  Michael Magrini MS 2010hadeel mikeMichael Magrini and Hadeel Abdelmajeed (UAB)
BS - UAB Materials Engineering 
Ballistic behavior of thermoplastic composites
Employment: Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida

9) Leigh Hudson, MS  Dec 2009 (UAB)
BS- UAB Mechanical Engineering           
Modeling and characterization of thermoplastic pultrusions
Employment: Toray Carbon Fibers America, Alabama

10) Lina Estrada, MS Dec 2009 (UAB)
BS- University of Los Andes, Columbia, PhD-Ga Tech  
Development of banana fiber composites
Pursuing PhD GA Tech (2011)

11) Shalmalee Vaidya, MS May 2009 (UAB)
BS- Shivaji University, India 
EMI shielding of thermoplastic composites
Employment: Instron Singapore

12) Vishal Kamble, MS, Dec 2008  (UAB)
BS- Pune University, India         
Thermoplastic composites pultrusion
Employment: Pursuing PhD UA Tuscaloosa

13)  Lakshya Deka, MS/PhD Dec 2008 (UAB)
BS- IIT Kharagpur ((India)          
Simulation of ballistic damage
Employment: Whirlpool, Michigan

14) K.Balaji Thattaiparthasarthy, MS/PhD Dec 2008 (UAB)    
MS - UAB, Materials Engineering         
LFT modeling and simulation
Employment: GE Schenectady

15) Ashutosh Goel, MS/PhD Dec 2008 (UAB)         
Fatigue of Long Fiber Thermoplastic Composites
Employment: Fiber Optics, India

16) Satya Vaddi, MS Dec 2008 (UAB)
BS- Andhra University, India 
Fire Resistance of Thermoplastic Composites
Employment: Engineering Firm, New Jersey

17)  Francis Samalot,  MS/PhD 2007 (UAB)  
BS- University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez 
Carbon/Carbon Composites Processing and Modeling
Employment: Boeing, California

18)  Shane Bartus MS/PhD 2006  (UAB)  
BS - North Dakota State University, Fargo      
Fragment cloud impact experiments and modeling
Employment: Army Research Laboratory, MD

19)  Rahul Jain, MS 2005  (UAB)
BS - Delhi University, India, PhD- GA Tech 
Carbon-carbon composites with nanostructured features
Completed PhD at GA Tech
Employment: Intel, Portland, Oregon

20)  Chad Ulven, MS/PhD 2005 (UAB)
BS- North Dakota State University, Fargo 
Fire Response of Sandwich Composites
Employment: North Dakota State University

21)  Alejandro Villalobos, MS 2005 (UAB)
BS- University of Los Andes, Columbia      
Design and development of thermoplastic tailcone
Employment: Electronics Firm, Los Angeles, CA

22)  Selvum Pillay, PhD 2005 (UAB) 
MS - Florida A&M University, Jacksonville
Liquid Molded Reinforced Nylon Thermoplastics
Employment: Department of Materials Science & Engineering, UAB

23)  Juan Serrano, MS 2004 (UAB)
BS- University of Los Andes, Columbia          
VARTM repair of concrete-composite structures
Employment: PPG Industries, North Carolina

24)  Abhay Singh Gautam, MS 2003 (UAB)
BS- Delhi University, India, PhD - University of Virginia, Charlotsville 
Modeling of composite joints 

25)  Rajan Sriram, MS 2003 (UAB)
BS- IIT Kharagpur, India           
Blast and vibration response of metal foam sandwich composites
Currently - pursuing MBA at Cornell University (2012)

26) Pete Barfknecht, PhD 2014 (UAB)
North Dakota State University (B.S.); UAB (Ph.D.)
In-Cito Polymerization of Nylon 6
Employment: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD

27) Khongor Jamiyanaa, MS 2014 (UAB)
BS - Colorado State University
Research Project - Thermoplastic Pultrusion Process Development
Employment: Fiat Chrysler Automotive Group in Detroit, MI

28) Melike Dizbay-Onat, PhD 2015 (UAB)
MS - Auburn University
CO2 capture from natural fiber composites

29) Qiushi Wang, PhD 2015 (UAB)
BS - Beijing University
High temperature performance of thermoplastic composites

30) Pritesh Yeole, MS 2015 (UAB)
BS - Poona University
Processing, modeling and characterization of hybrid composites