Bob Shepard

Bob Shepard

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Aging, emergency medicine, genetics, health administration, neurology, nutrition sciences, ophthalmology, pulmonary medicine, psychiatry, trauma

Professor and chair of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics

Areas of expertise: gene expression, gene therapy, sickle cell anemia

Professor and chair of Ophthalmology

Areas of expertise: glaucoma, optic nerve imaging

Professor and chair of Nutrition Sciences

Areas of expertise: obesity, diabetes

Professor and chair of Psychiatry

Areas of expertise: schizophrenia, cellular and subcellular alterations of neural circuitry

Professor and chair of Genetics

Areas of expertise: neurofibromatosis, neurogenetics, molecular diagnosis

Professor of Neurology, Director of the Division of Memory Disorders

Areas of expertise: Alzheimer's disease, dementia and visual processing

Observations on depression with insight gleaned from the laboratory and the clinic are the focus of the third UAB Neuroscience Café at the Hoover Library.

Complex Vision, a kinetic sculpture that has graced the Callahan Eye Hospital for 40 years, giving patients something pleasing to the eye, has been taken down for a refresh.
Parkinson’s disease awareness is highlighted with official recognition from Alabama and the city of Birmingham in April.
Patient experience measures like communication, responsiveness, cleanliness and pain control among criteria for UAB Hospital’s 2014 Outstanding Patient Experience Award.
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