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Salter earned his master’s and doctoral degrees from UAB and returned as a faculty member in 1978.

Chow was elected to membership in the National Academy of Sciences as a foreign associate in 2012.

UAB may have found a new approach to countering widespread, cholesterol-related disease in blood vessels.

The goal is to predict how rare earth metals, used in many applications including cell phones, will behave when subjected to extreme environments.

Michalek also earned her doctorate at UAB.

A study in mice with genetic mutations seen in human Alzheimer's disease found that the feeling of hunger itself may protect against the disease.

Should further studies confirm its effect, 200-year-old drug may represent cutting-edge heart failure treatment.
With changes in U.S. patent law, the phrase “file early and often” becomes even better advice for inventors.
New round of travel awards designed to drive new research collaborations and increase researchers’ sense of mission.
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