Nicole Wyatt

Nicole Wyatt

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Dermatology, infectious diseases, optometry, pediatrics, public health
Carrots get all the attention for eye health, but there are several other foods and nutrients that can help.
There are endless opportunities to spend a small fortune on a box of pills promising to ease hunger and help lose weight – but they may not be safe, so try natural techniques.
UAB experts say dining out can be costly with both finances and weight; packing a lunch can help improve both.

Given the opportunity to earn incentives, employees will use the stairs more often, and thus improve their health, according to UAB study.

Keyser joined the UAB faculty in 1996.

Assimos has been chosen because of an outstanding career in research, and for excellence in the treatment of complex renal stone disease.

The Audacious Goals Challenge called for compelling ideas to advance vision science.

Diet is one of many potential factors proposed to explain racial and regional differences in stroke.

Speaker Mario Drummons directs the Northern Manhattan Perinatal Partnership.

UAB Heart and Vascular Services is celebrating heart month with events at UAB Hospital.


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