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Traci Bratton

Traci Bratton

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This hands-on training — to be held June 4-8 and July 9-13 —will teach basics of computer programming.
This course — to be held June 11-15 and July 9-13 — will cover basics of automation systems, sensors, system input/outputs and feedbacks.
This camp — to be held June 18-22 —will prepare motivated young campers for today's most exciting, challenging and dynamic technologies, so-called "Internet of Things" or IoT.
An exciting hands-on biomedical engineering camp for students interested in building biomedical devices will be held June 25-29.
This new camp — to be held July 16-20 — will utilize one of the nationwide competition platforms of VEX robotics.
Welcome to the future of design and product development. This camp will be held June 11-15.
Holland will serve as a voice for women's health, impacting policy and clinical practice.
The bigger driver of overdose deaths was “the broader drug environment” — meaning the expanded supply of opioid painkillers, heroin, and illicit fentanyl over the past decade and a half, which has made these drugs much more available and, therefore, easier to misuse and overdose on.
“There’s no evidence you stop overdoses by taking patients off opioids against their will."
Vohra says UAB researchers will continue studies to manipulate grain size and the adhesive strength at the interface to optimize nanocrystalline diamond micro-anvils for high-pressure research.
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