February 25, 2013

UAB Red Mountain Writing Project 2013 Middle School Writing Camps: four sessions

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UAB Red Mountain Writing Project 2013 Middle School Writing Camps: four sessions
: 205-934-7896
Address: UAB School of Education, 901 13th Street South, Room 110A
Email: writingcamp@uab.edu
Website: www.uab.edu/redmountainwritingproject
Ages: Grades 5-8
Cost: Registration fee is $50 plus weekly cost of $165 (week one is $150), with lunch and materials provided.

When:  Week One, May 28-31“Fantastic!”
If you’re a fan of fantasies, this week is for you. Everyone will have a chance to share excerpts from favorite fantasies, so you’ll discover new authors and build your reading list. You’ll also uncover the keys to writing a fabulous fantasy. Throughout the week, we’ll use the writing workshop method: study the writing we admire; learn lessons and tips on developing setting, character and plot; and spend lots of time writing and critiquing so you can create your own world and the stories that take place there.

Week Two, June 3-7:  “Hometown History”
This week, we delve into the history of Birmingham. You’ll head to the original Birmingham Library to research the beginnings of our city, and then take a tour of some of our city’s oldest sites. Using a variety of tech tools – including Glogster and PhotoStory – you’ll develop a presentation of your findings.

Week Three, June 10-14: “Wild about Animals”
This week you’ll take a field trip to the Birmingham Zoo to research, observe and photograph animals. Back at UAB, you’ll continue your research and then turn those facts into a kid-friendly visitors’ guide and exhibit signage. Note: Required drop-off and pick-up at the Birmingham Zoo one day.

Week Four, June 17-21: “ArtSpeak”
Have you ever heard a painting speak, seen colors as you listen to music or found poetry in dance? During this week, we’ll let the arts – everything from paintings and sculptures to classical and modern music and dance – inspire our poetry and stories. You’ll stretch your creativity as an observer, participant and creator of these arts, and then write the thoughts they awaken in you.

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