Best of 2014 2Sixteen clinical centers and 30 hospitals will enroll up to 5,700 pregnant women to evaluate the benefits and harms of pharmacologic treatment of mild chronic hypertension in pregnancy.

This annual award recognizes the outstanding achievements by women in the statistical sciences.

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Applications for the NIGMS Short Course on Statistical Genetics & Genomics will be accepted until May 23. The course will be held July 7-11.
A new NIH grant could allow researchers to better predict risk factors for patients using blood-thinners by examining the influence of genes, lifestyle, clinical factors and environment.
Cash awards were given for best oral and poster presentations at the 9th Annual Health Disparities Research Symposium.
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A national group of leading scientists, including one University of Alabama at Birmingham expert, says fewer people are dying of stroke, but the mechanisms remain unknown.

Roeder’s early work played a pivotal role developing the foundations of DNA forensic inference.

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Genetic marker promises to avert severe side effects for African Americans taking blood thinner.

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Previous data has shown that areas of the south — specifically Mississippi and Alabama – are the fattest in the U.S. But new data from the REGARDS study proves this wrong.

Leah Berkebile named Clinton Scholar; UAB sophomore with plans to practice medicine in the Middle East is designing an Arabic studies minor.

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Tollefsbol created the series and has the overall responsibility for the content, supervision and scientific quality.

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Diet is one of many potential factors proposed to explain racial and regional differences in stroke.

UAB has been award a $28-million grant renewal for REGARDS, the nation’s largest study aimed at exploring racial and geographic differences in stroke illness and death.
Prediction of skin cancer risk improved by adding family and genomic data.
Alfred A. Bartolucci, Ph.D., has been appointed professor emeritus of biostatistics
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Ed McMahon will speak as part of the Department of Biology fall seminar series.

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Despite 15 years of effectiveness, no one knows how DBS works, but UAB study offers new clues.

You’d have to drink 10 glasses of milk a day to get your recommended vitamin D, UAB experts say. Sunshine or a supplement is better.

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Patients with neurofibromatosis, schwannomatosis, which are related genetic conditions, gain access to more clinical trials.

Allison will hold an endowed professorship in the School of Public Health.

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